Article: 001

Name & Address of the Association:-

A. The name of the association shall be VETERAN SAILORS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (to be designated in abbreviated form as “VSWA”)

B. VSWA will be an apex body with its Head Office at:

A-56, Anoop Nagar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi – 110059.

E-mail : Website :

Mobile : +91-9891909074

Article: 002

Democratic Functioning

A. To achieve the goal and purpose, VSWA shall constantly endeavour to build a common united activity with other like-minded Ex-Sailors in the struggle for justice, fair deal and common objectives pertaining to the welfare and emancipation of Ex-Sailors and their dependents.

B. VSWA  considers that democratic functioning of the organisation at all levels and of its constituents is essential to achieve its aims and objectives.

C. The democratic functioning of the organisation requires strict and scrupulous adherence to the provisions of the constitution regarding periodic meetings of VSWA bodies, to  discharge of the obligations of  their responsibilities and the collective functioning of the various bodies under the constitution.

D. Minority view point in the VSWA bodies shall have right of free expression, and shall be given adequate representation in it’s bodies.

E. The VSWA bodies at the Central level shall have the responsibility of ensuring that the  State Chapters and other bodies are elected, and function democratically according to the rules laid down, ensuring free expression within the organisation, for all sections.

F. The  State Chapters of VSWA shall ensure that the constituent associations function democratically, according to their constitution and take up all complaints about non-democratic functioning with the parties concerned.

G. The decisions of the bodies of VSWA shall be taken by a simple majority of the members present and voting. Two-thirds (2/3) majority shall be required if the issue concerns amendments of the constitution or the establishment of modifications of it’s programmes. Normally elections to the bodies of VSWA shall be held on the basis of simple Majority.

Article: 003

Aims and Objectives

A. To organize and unite Unions/Associations of  Ex-Sailors employed in various Govt. of India and State undertakings, Central/State Govt. organisations, Autonomous bodies of the central and State Governments, self-employed, unemployed, widows of Ex-Sailors and dependents of Sailors killed in action and peace.

B. VSWA shall be an apolitical welfare organisation for the benefits of Ex-Sailors and their dependents and shall function within the Union of India as a Central body to guide and administer affiliated Ex-Sailors welfare associations / unions / organisations operating in various industries, under takings /autonomous bodies / corporations etc. so that they develop and grow under it’s parental care.

C. To establish, improve, maintain and protect the interests, rights and privileges of the Ex-Sailors and their dependents in all matters whatsoever including but not limited to the conditions of service, pay and allowances, service records, record office related issues, retirement benefits, transfer, promotions to higher ranks, pensions, war gratuity, fringe benefits, assistance in resettlement and rehabilitation in close co-operation with the Director General resettlement, Rajya and Kendriya Sainik Boards, the State Govts, Central Govt, other official and non-official agencies.

D. To try to prevent any reduction of wages upon re-employment and if necessary to struggle for advanced increments wherever the situations and circumstances so permit.

E. To maintain highest possible standard of service by the member to organisations they serve and the public in general.

F. To educate and form public opinion emphasising that maintenance and welfare of disabled Ex-Sailors and their dependent families is an importance task and a national/moral duty.

G. To endeavour to obtain public support and recognition for the principle that Ex-Sailors and their dependents should receive fair treatment in matters including provision for suitable resettlement re-employment /self-employment.

H. To initiate/approve legal proceedings and provide assistance to the members in respect of disputes arising out of and or incidental to their  service benefits, rights or otherwise.

I. To secure the redressal of grievances of the members by  maintaining harmonious relations between the employers, their Ex-Sailors employees and arrive as far as possible to a negotiated settlement of all issues between them in a peaceful manner and constitutional way through mutual negotiation and peaceful bargaining so as to avoid any needless rancour and ill feeling.

J. To combine/or affiliate or co-operate with, take over, amalgamate with or absorb any other organisations/societies /institutions having similar ideology of VSWA .

K. To assist in recruitment, the Govt. employing agencies, public sector undertakings and feedback the Govt. about the non-implementation of the Govt. directives and act as the official spokesman, to the Govt. wherever required.

L. To endeavour to provide assistance against sickness, unemployment, infirmity and death of Ex-Sailors.

To strive to improve and ameliorate the social, cultural, educational and economic conditions of the members by establishing /organising co-operatives, libraries, holiday homes, social gatherings, periodic conferences, lectures and exhibitions etc.

M. To appear through it’s representatives  before the appropriate authorities, tribunals, courts commissions etc.

N. To nominate representatives for representing VSWA in the Govt. announced committees for the resettlement/rehabilitation/welfare of Ex-Servicemen.

O. To delegate representatives to different bodies in which the VSWA may be interested from time to time.

P. The income and the property of the VSWA shall be applied fully towards the promotion of it’s aims and objectives.

Q. To perpetuate the memory of those who laid down their lives in the service of their country, by organising remembrance and other commemoration days and to safeguard the interest of the widows and children of such persons as also ameliorate the distressed people in time of  natural calamities like famine, flood, drought and pestilence etc..

R. To crusade against the exploitation of Ex-Sailors and their dependents.

S. To advice and assist the Central Govt. State Govts, Public Sector undertakings for the proper utilisation of the Special Fund for reconstruction/rehabilitation of Ex-Sailors in the country and to recommend to it any project of social and economic welfare for and uplift of the Ex-Sailors and their dependants.

T. To take such other steps as may be necessary for the attainment of the above objects.

Article: 004

Composition of VSWA

A. The VSWA Central body shall consist of members drawn from different states and  it’s State Chapters.

B. The VSWA Central Body & State Chapters shall consist of paid members only. To reach the grass root level, formation of District/ Taluk/Block/Panchayat Units shall be encouraged/thought of.

Article: 005


The affairs of the VSWA shall be conducted through:

I. Central Council (CC)

II. State Chapters

III. District/Taluk /Block/Panchayat Units – if/when formed

Article: 006

Central Council (CC)

A. The Central Council of VSWA shall comprise of the following founder office bearers:-

(i)   President - 1

(ii)  Vice President - 1

(iii)  General Secretary - 1

(iv)  Joint Secretary - 1

(v)   Treasurer – 1

(vi)  Executive Members – 2

B. This will be the top most decision making body of the association. The decision of this body is binding on all office bearers including State Chapters. No member of this body and that of State Chapters shall hold two posts simultaneously.

C. The term of the CC shall be for a period of three years from the date it assumes office.(Here the date of Registration of Association shall be taken into account) No extension of this tenure is permitted normally. But under extraordinary circumstances, the term may be extended for a period of not more than nine months that too by 2/3 majority of assembled members during re-election.

D. In addition, there will be a Legal Adviser for VSWA (a law professional). He will be responsible for all legal matters of VSWA who may delegate professional members for assistance in State Chapters.

Article : 007

Functioning of Central Council

A. To consider/ adopt the report of the  General Secretary and the audited statement of accounts.

Examination, deliberation of the questions put to the conference by constituent State Chapters and constituent unions/Associations of Ex-Sailors. Pass resolution on current questions affecting the interest of the Ex-Sailors


B. To modify or amend the present constitution.

C.Discuss and set the modalities for Disciplinary Committee and review their decisions, on appeal if necessary.

D. To elect the office bearers of the Central Council.

E. To transact such other business as may be brought before it with the permission of the President, CC.

F. To fix auditor for next term.

G. The CC shall meet  at least twice a year at a place convenient to the association with the object to expand the organisation and transact other business.

H. On requisition from the members representing 1/3(one third) of the organisation the  General Secretary  shall, in consultation with the President call for a special meeting of the CC within 6(six) weeks of the requisition for the purpose of transacting the business mentioned in the requisition.

I. The CC will implement the policies and resolutions adopted at the Triennial conference of the Central Council and take all the necessary steps to further the policies of the organisation, defend the interests of the members and unify it’s ranks.

J. It will examine, evaluate, modify and discuss the reports submitted by  General Secretary and State General Secretaries and take appropriate decisions.

K. It will examine whether the VSWA Chapters in the states are functioning democratically according to the constitution and suggest appropriate steps to rectify the weakness.

L. It will Co-ordinate with other unions/associations of Ex-Sailors and other fraternal organisations to endeavour for the development of common actions.  It will also guide the State Chapters in the struggle of affiliated unions to achieve justice and fair deal.

M. It will discuss the Statement of Accounts submitted by the Treasurer of the Central Council. Make observations if any and  inform the Treasurer of the same. If everything is in order approve the same.

N. It will take urgent steps in the interest of the movement wherever necessary and ensure implementation by State Chapters.

O. It shall maintain a close liaison, monitor, help in Co-ordinating the activities of State Chapters.

P.It will affiliate new unions/associations and has the right to disaffiliate any unit/State Chapter for anti-organisational activities and which do not abide by the rules of the constitution of the VSWA

Q. The disaffiliated unions/State Chapters  has the right to refer the issue of disaffiliation to the Central Council at the Triennial Conference and if the majority of the delegates present in the conference favour lifting of the disaffiliation, the unit will be reaffiliated.

R. The CC shall fix the date and venue of the Triennial Conference of  VSWA and convene the same.

Article: 008

Re-Election of Central Council/State Chapters

A. It shall be elected at the triennial conference by the delegates of VSWA and its affiliates through a secret ballot or any other democratic process if wanted by the majority of the delegates in the central council. It will be through simple majority voting. Only participating delegates are eligible to contest for the posts.

B. Posts may be increased/decreased as per the prevalent situation at the time of re-election.

The posts of two Executive Members may be allotted to the outgoing President & General Secretary (if both are not re-elected for the original posts) to maintain continuity.

C. Any casual vacancy caused by dismissal, resignation, illness, death continued absence etc..... in the Central Council/State Chapters  shall be filled in by nominating a willing member by the Presidents concerned  in consultation with other governing office bearers.

Article: 009

State Chapters

A. The constitution of the State Chapter shall be same as the Central Council. The office bearers’ posts shall be the same as that of CC. This shall be the supreme body in the state in the event of forming District/Taluk/Block/Panchayat level units.  This will be known as State Executive Committee (SEC).

B. The State Chapter Conference shall be held prior to the CC Conference. Election to the SEC shall be held in this conference. Only delegates participating in the conference shall be eligible to contest for the post of any office bearer in the SEC. All the duties & functions of this body shall be the same as those of the CC but restricted to the jurisdiction of the State only.  

C. Prior to the Central Council Conference of the VSWA,  there shall be a State Council Conference in every 3 (three) years with all the delegates of the constituent unions/associations/lower formations in the State. In the conference the delegates shall elect the office bearers of the State Committee in accordance with the Constitution of VSWA. The voting shall be through secret ballot if demanded by the majority of the delegates. Otherwise in a democratic way as is in practice like raising of hands etc.

D. The State Council Conference at it’s session shall:

Implement the policies of the VSWA and report on violation if any, by any association member/unions/lower formations.

E. Discuss and adopt the report of the State General Secretary

F. Adopt audited Statement of Accounts submitted by the Treasurer.

G. Discuss immediate issue including policies of the State Govt. and take appropriate decision.

H. Discuss questions effecting all India movement, legislation and policies in regard to Ex-Sailors by the Govt. of India and take decisions and suggest actions to the Central council.

I. Develop solidarity actions amongst the constituent units/ neighbourly states.

J. Recommend associations for affiliation to the Central Council and also recommend disaffiliation of a unit to the Central Council as stated in the constitution.

K. In between two sessions of the State Conference, the State Executive Committee shall discharge all it’s responsibilities and assume all the powers.

L. The State Executive Committee  shall meet once in six months at least

M. The State Committee may also permit the formation of the District/Taluk/Block/Panchayat  Units in consultation with CC.

Article: 010


A. The General funds of the VSWA shall consist of the affiliation fees, levies, subscriptions from the sale of magazines, donations etc.

B. The fund shall be deposited in as many accounts as considered necessary to be opened in the name of Veteran Sailors Welfare Association with any branch of any Scheduled Bank.

C. The Bank accounts of the VSWA at Central and State level shall be operated by President/Vice President/General Secretary and Treasurer of the respective formation being authorised by the respective committee.

D. The fund of the VSWA shall be spent for fulfilling aims and objectives of the organisation and on all expenses thereto subject to the limitation which may be prescribed by the Central Council in the Conference and State Conference.

Article: 011

Maintenance of Accounts & Auditing

The various formation of VSWA shall make due provision for annual audit of the accounts by competent auditors appointed by the CC & SEC.  The accounting year shall be from 1st April to 31st  March. The books of accounts of VSWA formations shall  remain open for inspection by any member at the Central/State Office during working hours.

Article: 012

Notice for Meeting

A. Notice for the meeting of the Central council and  State Council  shall be issued by the General Secretary as the case may be. The Date, Place and Agendas shall accompany the notice.

B. The Notice for the Central council meeting shall be issued clear 90 (ninety) days prior to such date of meeting, under extra-ordinary circumstances notice can be issued with 30 days (Thirty days) time subject to approval of CEC Meeting.

C. 60 days notice is necessary for State Council meetings.

D. Any change in programme shall be notified clear 15 days in advance Emergency meeting of all the above can be convened with a 7 days notice

E. The quorum at the meetings  shall be 1/3rd of the members of the respective committees.

Article: 013

Amendment in the Constitutions

Constitution may be amended, altered, replaced, rescinded or added to at any time by the 2/3 (two third) majority of the Members at the Central Council/State Council Conference as the case may be.

Article: 014

Dissolution of VSWA

A. The VSWA shall not be dissolved except by the vote of a majority of three forth (3/4th) delegates present at the Central Council Conference called especially for the purpose, provided that the total number of  votes cast in such a meeting is not less than two-thirds (2/3rd) of the total number of members on the rolls of VSWA as on that date.

B. The funds of VSWA after meeting it’s liabilities shall be disposed off in accordance with decision of the dissolution meeting.

Article: 015

Duties of the Office Bearers

A. Presidents

They shall preside over all meetings of the VSWA. In his absence,  the Vice President will perform these duties. In the absence of both , the house will have power to name the person to chair the meeting taking seniority of the post into consideration amongst the  members present.

B. General Secretaries:

I) They are responsible to call for the meetings. Prepare Agenda for the meetings and circulate them in advance to all concerned.

II)They shall prepare and submit reports regarding actions taken on all the issues.

They should arrange for recording the minutes of the meetings and circulate them within 3 weeks time to all concerned.

III)They are responsible for the general supervision of the organisation.

IV) They shall report important developments to the respective Presidents as the case may be in order to keep them abreast ofthe developments.

V) They shall bring any matter of indiscipline or anti-organisational activity (ies) to the notice of the respective President and take suitable action as decided.

VI) They shall keep a strict supervision on the funds and control expenditure.

VII) They shall carryout correspondence with authorities on the problems of ex-servicemen, widows etc.

They shall correspond with affiliated units.

VIII)They shall correspond and contact with non-affiliated units to convince them to join the stream of VSWA. They shall be responsible to submit reports/returns, if required, by the authorities.

C) Joint Secretaries: They will assist General Secretary for smooth functioning of respective bodies.

D. Treasurers:

I) They are  responsible to maintain all accounts of the organisations.

II) They shall open accounts in any nationalised bank and operate the same in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

IIII) maintain ledgers, Day Book and other bank records with him. They are responsible to record the inventory of the organisational property and keep in safe custody.  

IV) furnish statement of Accounts to the  General Secretary as the case may be,  once in a month.

obtain sanction of all bills before making any payment. In emergencies, he may make the payment bus shall obtain sanction within a week from the competent authority.


V) prepare annual balance sheet showing income under different heads and expenditure under different heads.

VI) not ordinarily keep more than Rs.5,000/- at a time for petty cash transactions. However this amount can be relaxed by the concerned committee.

Article : 016


A. The registration fee will be Rs 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only).

B. The annual member ship fee will be Rs 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only).

C. The life time membership (for fifteen years) will be Rs 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only).

D. The Registration Fee collected by State Chapters are to be forwarded to the Central Council and the Membership Fee to be retained by the respective State Chapters.

E. The rates of Registration and Membership may be increased/decreased on completion of five years as per the prevalent value of the Rupee.

F. All membership fee including registeration fee are non-refundable and non-transferable.